LAHORE - The federal government should introduce legislations to ensure implementation on the national energy conservation policy and pass the law regarding the early closure of business activities on the pattern developed economies. The government, as a long-term solution to energy crisis, should also switch to alternate energy like coal, nuclear and wind energy besides expanding the potential of hydroelectric power in the country, Engineer Sohail Lashari stated this here on Tuesday. Talking to The Nation he said that the shopping centers and markets should be closed down before 8:00 pm and this initiative should be implemented across the board. Engineer Sohail Lashari, who is also former Senior Vice President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), said that the government should also decide power tariff with the Textile and Sugar industry to bring 300-MW electricity in the national system. He further said that the government is not clear regarding the electricity generation capacity and the circular debt. He also said that following the pattern of NFC Award and passage of 18th Amendment, the political leadership should develop consensus about the Kalabagh Dam and also take the people of the four provinces into confidence. As a long-term energy solution, the government should immediately start mega projects on war-footing basis including the construction of Neelum Jhelum dam, Bhasha dam and Munji dam to explore the hydroelectric potential besides building small dams on the run of rivers. He said that the closure of CNG stations and suspension of gas supply to the industry are suitable for short-term solutions to some extent.