ISLAMABAD The Punjab Government, which was hailed by the farmers last year due to its bold steps taken for the farmers, have now left them on the mercy of Food Departments officials, who are considering it as a golden opportunity to take full advantage of the situation. Talking to TheNation Rao Afsar Ali, President of Agri Forum Pakistan in Rajanpur, said that the food inspectors were exploiting them in issuance of 'gunni bags and Punjab Government was doing noting to save them from their atrocities. He alleged that the authorities of Food Department had been selling the 'gunni bags to the middlemen. He said that the issuance of these bags were the right of wheat growers. It is pertinent to mention her that Punjab Government, this year, has announced that it would procure eight bags of wheat per acre from a farmer. For the purpose, the farmers have to take their land documents to the Food Department and the bags are issued to them in accordance with these documents. But the situation is that the inspectors are selling these bags to the traders by getting them issued in those farmers names, who either have not cultivated wheat or they are confiscating the rights of wheat growers. These bags are being provided to other people of their choice. Afsar Ali narrated an incident, stating that two days back a truck was captured while transporting 11000 'gunni bags to some anonymous place. When the farmers protested and asked the driver that where these bags were being taken? He said that those bags were being taken to Blakh Sher Mazari. However, he denied accepting such consignment, saying that they did not belong to him. Actually what was going on, Afsar Ali informed that those bags were going to be distributed among the middlemen so that they could procure wheat from the innocent farmers on lesser price and then sell it to the government at a price of Rs 950 per 40 kilogram. However, the farmers were forced to sell at the price of not more than Rs 800. He also said that the Government should make it mandatory for the private sector not to procure wheat less than Rs 900 per 40 kilogram to save the farmers from huge loss. He said that the CM Punjab was visiting other places of the province but he ignored the southern part of the province. He demanded that CM must visit the region and resolve their problems.