LAHORE - The Federal government has failed to regularise services of hundreds of Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs) working in grade 16 since past over three years. They were eligible to be regularised after three years mandatory service in line with the Policy of the Government under Notification of October 2009, but the fate of these teachers was hanging fire. The said teachers are not only undergoing agony of uncertainty, but a bleak future as well. Majority of the teachers are female, who are perturbed on their fate and apathy of the government. They have sounded applications to the higher authorities and even Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry to take notice of their plight and redress their grievances. According to the details, these teachers were given employment on two years contract initially. Instead of regularising their services after two years, they were given another one-year contract that too is likely to end in the August/September next. The teachers say it will be a highhandedness to remove the experience teachers after three years following expiration of their contracts, and to recruit new in experienced incumbents. Last year, the services of contract teachers upto grade 15 were regularised and an understanding was given that the Federal government teachers in grade 16 would also be regularised soon. A summary was also moved in this regard but in vain. The affected teachers say that the government policy of hiring personnel, particularly in grade 16 and 17 on contract basis and then not regularising them is unfair and unjust. Would it be wise to send home employees after the contractual tenure is over, they question. Why cant they follow the policy of regularising the services and dispensing with the contractual appointment according to the new policy, they further ask.