KARACHI (APP) - Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) will cut gas supply to CNG stations and industrial units from April 28 for one day, through load management and supply it to KESC, Jamshoro Power Plant and Kotri Power Station to improve power supply to Karachi and interior Sindh. This decision has been taken by SSGC management at an important meeting held on April 26, with leading trade bodies of Sindh and Balochistan including FPCCI, KCCI, SITE, KATI, APTMA and major CNG associations in view of the prevailing national energy crisis. While emphasizing the dire shortage of gas in the north of Pakistan which has lead to massive power outages, Motiwala requested the trade bodies present to cooperate with SSGC and the Government in saving 10 mmcfd gas by closing down the CNG stations and 40 mmcfd by suspending gas supply to industries for one day. In this regard, recommendations were taken from the representatives of the trade bodies, after which it was decided to put into effect the load management from April 28. SSGC management also informed the participants of the meeting that all the gas saved will be diverted to the power generation sector in Sindh. Apart from the above, gas consumption in fertilizer sector has already been reduced by 20 per cent. 2 bodies have been formed, comprising DMD, SSGC and Chairmen of CNG associations to decide on the exact day of the shut down. Another committee comprising Razzak Hashim Paracha, Chairman, KATI, Nisar Shekhani and DMD, SSGC will list industries working on 24/6 to ensure staggered closure of gas supply. Staff Reporter adds: Chairman CNG Dealers Association Sindh Khuda Bakhsh has said that the meeting scheduled regarding the one-day CNG loadshedding in the province with the SSGC officials could not be held on Tuesday due to the Senate committee meeting. While talking with The Nation Khuda Bakhsh said that on the recommendations by the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani these steps in his support are being taken that will decline the total revenue up to 20 percent. The CNG sector already occurring losses due to the price hike of the natural gas and other external factors. The shortfall after the loadshedding will save the 10 MMCFD which is applicable to produce 30 MW of the electricity. While through the whole loadshedding process in the country around 150MW of electricity could be produced. The Prime Minister has requested us for the loadshedding to overcome the energy crisis and this policy will be followed from May to June and then it will be reviewed for the next period Khuda Bakhsh added. He said that the one-day close will affect the consumers and they will have to purchase petrol which is 50 percent expensive than the CNG. While on the other hand Chairman, All Pakistan CNG Association Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha had said that the CNG shut down is not the solution of energy crisis, it needs a firm long term planning. We cooperated with the government by closing our stations for one-day on Tuesday but we are not ready for this for long period, we appeal to PM Gilani to let us join in energy crisis solution, he added. He said that the CNG sector uses only 7 percent of total gas which can generate only 2 percent of electricity. Around 25 MMCF of gas will be saved by this act that can only generate 100 MW of electricity which is 2 percent of the total 5500 MW. So there is no benefit for public and govt of CNG gas loadshedding, he further added. He told that around 2.6 million vehicles are running on CNG and about 25 million people will be directly affected and almost one million CNG dedicated vehicles will be stopped. It will cause huge problems. CNG sector has no other alternate option for its operations its all business depends on natural gas. He appealed to the Prime Minister to announce the CNG policy immediately as it has been pending since a long period.