DUBAI (UAE) ICCs Anti-Corruption head Rawi Sawani is likely to resign from the post, it was learnt here. According to the well placed sources in the ICC headquarters here, Chennai-based Rawi Sawani, who joined the ICC some two years ago, has either tendered his resignation or seriously contemplating to do so, though he is leaving to West Indies on Tuesday. When approached for his confirmation, he asked the queries to be sent to the media department. Ravi was appointed the new General Manager and Chief Investigator of ICCs Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU). He has been responsible, alongside Chairman of the ACSU Lord Condon, for working with three investigators and five regional security managers to ensure the game of cricket remains on top of the issue of corruption within the sport. Sawani came to the role with outstanding credentials, with 30 years in the Indian Police Service including seven years with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). In the latter organisation, as Joint Director in charge of Special Crimes, he worked on the enquiry into match-fixing in cricket in Indian cricket. Lord Condon, the chairman of the ACSU is also set to be retired in two months.