ISLAMABAD (APP) - Senator Raza Rabbani has said as per the implementation procedure of 18th Constitutional Amendment paid out in the bill, a commission would ensure the implementation of concurrent list and other issues by June 12, 2011. In a TV programme telecast by a private news channel, Raza Rabbani said he is on record that the size of Cabinet should be slashed. He said the cardinal point, during the Amendment was that political or constitutional reforms should bring political stability in the country rather than instability. Therefore, we thought that good governance principle should be included in the constitution for future perusal so that no coming government could deny it, he maintained. Raza Rabbani, who is also Head of Constitutional Amendments Implementation Committee, said difference of opinion is the democratic right of any person or any association. Therefore, filing the petition is also a legal right of those who have filed the petitions. The power of judicial review is always there. There are two issues namely, the role of the Law Minister and over sight of the Parliamentary Committee. So far as the Law Minister is concerned the Law Ministry plays a vital role in the appointment of the judges. Therefore, the Law Minister has an administrative role. He said in the prevailing system the recommendations of the CJP are sent to the PM , who advises the President on the recommendations for acceptance or contrary to it. We thought the consultation process should be expanded and it is suggested that the eight member parliamentary committee should be constituted. In case of any objection on the name sent by the CJP, it will be rejected only if at least six members of the said committee have objection over that name. The committee will be bound to give its decision within fourteen days otherwise it would be deemed that the names sent by the CJP are accepted. I think there is no oversight in this system as we have given the role of the PM to the committee, he said. Replying to another question, he said the government has to focus on the issues of governance like loadshedding, unemployment and price hike, adding that with the grace of Allah Almighty we have provided a rudimentary structure due to the national political consensus after 37 years. He said there is no restriction on the President for being member of the political party or head of any political party in the constitution or any other law of the land.