Recently, one ANP leader from Sindh had pontificated that if Kalabagh dam was built, the water supply to Sindh would stop while a dam at Bhasha would not affect the water supply to Sindh. This sort of asinine objections against Kalabagh dam are the norm these days. The fact is that the only option to supply 14 percent share of water due to the Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwah province as per the Water Accord of 1991 is to build the Kalabagh dam. It appears the ANP leadership is set against irrigation and cultivation of 800,000 acres of virgin land in their province. And for no other reason but their own visceral enmity to Punjab where they do not want a dam located. Kabul River has no dam on it to store the additional bounty of waters that runs in it during flood seasons. Afghanistan, may I point out, is building a dam on it with Indian assistance. It appears the ANP has not yet shed the overhang of their old anti-Pakistan stance. They are averse to a dam in Punjab no matter what and even if it benefits their own province and other provinces of Pakistan. Why this is like cutting ones nose to spite the face? -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, April 26.