The UN Commission for investigating Benazir Bhuttos murder has issued a report saying there were serious security lapses and that the Musharraf government was responsible. That is nothing new. It was clear as crystal from day one, so clear that even the common man was aware that security given to Ms. Bhutto had been hopelessly inadequate. There is justifiable astonishment in the country why the Commission was limited in its terms of reference to mere ascertainment of causes of death and not allowed to identify the murderers. The Commission was given 40 million US dollars, $5 million of those from the kitty of this poor nation. That is a huge amount to incur for knowing the largely academic view on 'security lapses and 'causes of death etc. US $5 million is a lot to pay from the exchequer of a country where people are dying of hunger if the net result is zilch. Perhaps this money ought to be paid by the PPP co-chairman. One would like to know what have the institutions of our own done meanwhile to investigate the murder of a former Prime Minister who probably was a Prime Minister-to-be when killed in a manner so foul? Our own boys are not as incompetent as they have come out looking to be in this case. You would be surprised to know that 26 of our Pakistani police officers are working with United Nation on investigation of the 10 years old massacre in Bosnia and Serbia. The UN is very appreciative of their performance. Some of these and others have also worked with the World Bank and other international institutions and some still do. Perhaps we do not have the confidence on any of our own. That is why the UN takes help from Pakistani police officers to solve complicated international cases but, in a bizarre twist of fate, we take help from UN to investigate the murder of one of our great leaders. -HAFSA NAZ, Karachi, April 25.