LAHORE - The dispute between Auqaf Department and Punjab Police Special Branch staff on the issue of cash snatching incident at Pir Makki shrine is still unresolved. Following reports of the incident in media, the Chief Minister Punjab formed a 3-member committee to settle down the dispute and to ascertain indictment of either of the two departments in the crime. However, the special branch officials did not turn up on the last date of hearing before the inquiry committee when the Auqaf staff recorded their statement. April 27 was fixed as the next date for hearing, but again the special branch personnel remained absent. Auqaf Secretary Najam Saeed has complained to the DIG Police (special branch) about the continuous absence of the police officials from the investigation proceedings. The inquiry committee comprises DIG Police Training Chuhng Faisal Shahkar, DIG Police (special branch) Mubasharullah and Auqaf Secretary Najam Saeed. The inquiry was initiated on April 16 following the incident earlier this month at the shrine of Pir Makki wherein the Auqaf and special branch police including a sub inspector scuffled with each other on the opening of cash box of the shrine. The Auqaf accused that the police staff tried to snatch the cash and sensing video camera in operation fled away snatching the camera. The special branch accused the Auqaf of the intervention into the official work of the police, who were on vigilance to check alleged pilferage of cash from the shrines. Humanity facing crises today Today humanity is facing terror, fear, restlessness and war and Islamic teachings only can help to meet these challenges. Pir Naqibur-Rehman, custodian of Eidgah Shrine, stated this at Eidgah Sharif, on Tuesday. Islam is the religion of peace and harmony, due to this Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe he said. He said that Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was not only the source of blessings for the Muslims but for the whole universe too. He said that the obedience to the teachings of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was the key to success for the Muslims in this world and Hereinafter. By making Madina Mun-awwara the source of guidance and observing the Sunnah the Ummah can regain its lost glory he said. Prominent among others who spoke and presented Naats on the occasion were Allama Syed Arif Shah Gilani, Mufti Suleman Rizvi, Allama Ghulam Ali Qamar, Qari Maula Bakhsh, Hafiz Iqbal Rizvi, Brigadier (Retd) Shabbir, Allama Bashir Ahmed Sialvi, Sahibzada Hassan Hasibur-Rehman, Gul Taaruf Naqshb-andi and Abdul Mateen Abbasi. At the end, Pir Naqibur-Rehman prayed for unity among the Muslims and solidarity of Pakistan, liberation of Kashmir and Palestine.