ISLAMABAD The already uneasy alliance between Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Peoples Party in Punjab Government is confronting with serious problems, as the differences between the coalition partners are mounting by each passing day but still both sides are clinging to joint rule in the province in the name of politics of greater reconciliation. Background interviews with the leaders of both the parties revealed that the differences and mistrust between the two sides was at its peak due to Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharifs attempts to push the things to a point where PPP should itself part ways with the government. Whereas on the other hand PPP ministers in Punjab Cabinet have, on a number of occasions, asked the party leadership to either make PML-N comply with the 40-60 power sharing formula in Punjab or let them quit the government, as according to them, Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif had accumulated all powers in himself and the ministers were not more than a showpiece. Sources aware of the developments taking place on Punjab front informed TheNation that PML-N was making things difficult for the PPP and wanted that it should itself quit the cabinet while the PPP leadership was directing their ministers in Punjab to cling with the government and let the PML-N show them a door. This battle of nerves was having adverse effect on the MPs of both the parties and its effects were trickling down to the workers and activists-level, as neither PML-N nor PPP was in a position to get their worker accommodated in the various committees at the district level. A PML-N central leader, on condition of anonymity, said that the damage of this state of indecision was causing irreparable loss, as they were leading the Punjab Government and due to this tussle with PPP they were also disenchanting their own workers as well, who could not be accommodated anywhere in the province since formation of the Government. He further said that as under the 60-40 power sharing formula with PPP, which was inked between the two sides when PML-N was also having share in the Federal Government, had automatically became dysfunctional on the day when PML-N ministers had walked out from the Federal Cabinet but the PPP remained stick to the power on the pretext that if it left the coalition Government, the PML-N Government in the province would crumble down. But after the governors rule and the Federal Governments defeat on it, PPP should have left the coalition Government. PML-N leadership should have courage to show it a door, which it did not, and now it is facing the music in shape of fast decline in its popularity among the masses. The PML-N leader said that the sooner Punjab Government would shunt PPP ministers out, as it would be better for its future politics in the province and at the same time it would be in a position to accommodate the members of PML-Q Forward Bloc-led by Mian Atta Manika in the Government, which had saved the Government from collapse at the hands of what PML-N termed PPPs conspiracy by imposing governors rule. Though the PML-Q Forward Blocs members had extended unconditional support to PML-N Government and helped it frustrate the PPP move in aid with PML-Q to topple the PML-N Government but in return it was not given anything and now their own colleagues in the Punjab Assembly were laughing at them. It was the general thinking among the PML-N leaders and workers that it was high time for the party leadership to show PPP door in Punjab and stand clearly on one side of the fence because its current ambiguous role where it was at the driving seat in the Opposition against the Government in centre while at the same time it was in coalition with PPP in Punjab.