LAHORE The walima reception of celebrity sports couple Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza was held here at the local hotel on Tuesday with over 1500 guests participating in it. The invitations were in great demand and according to reports, some people even sold their invitations to others. The couple got married on April 12 amidst controversy over Maliks earlier marriage to Ayesha Siddiqui. The problem was solved after he signed the divorce papers. However, more was in store for them. Two petitions were filed against Malik for holding reception against the rules and for alleged sale of invitation cards. However, Shoaib rubbished the allegation of selling invitation cards of his wedding reception. He pleaded the media to give them space so that they could live normal life. The hype created by the electronic media would hopefully die down with the couple leaving for India along with the family members of Sania and then the two going to Dubai to get time away from the camera lights. Shoaib expressed his displeasure with the way the media has portrayed his marriage with Indian tennis star Sania Mirza. In an interview on a couple of televisions, Malik said the media should not have created stir and sensation in connection with our marriage. He said that due to the continuous media glare, he and Sania were not able to live like a normal couple. When asked about their future, Malik, who is under a 12-month ban by the Pakistan Cricket Board, said that they would decide when the wedding ceremonies end. He said he was also disappointed by the negative stories circulated about them, especially one about cards. Malik said such stories were laughable. Sania said she was really surprised by the media frenzy over their wedding. But she added that she was really happy to be in Pakistan where people have showered the new couple with love and presents. We are having to come out at night to visit the city owing to media hype. I enjoyed a lot the nocturnal view of the city. I want to walk in the daylight as well, said the 23-year-old tennis star. Sania said she is loving the Pakistani cuisine and having a great time shopping.