A mixed-breed puppy had a tough start to live after losing all four of his paws and the tip of his tail to frostbite.

Naki’o was left abandoned at a foreclosed Nebraska home when he was a young and was found alone, frozen into a puddle of icy water in the cellar. When he was eventually discovered, he was taken to an animal rescue center and under their care his paws healed to rounded stumps.

It was a tough existence for Naki’o, he couldn’t walk and play with other dogs due to the pain it caused him and instead had to crawl along on his belly. Fortunately for Naki’o he meet veterinarian assistant Christie Pace ofColorado Springs,Colo.who was looking for an animal she could help.

‘I have a soft spot for rescue animals in general. I was looking for something different, unique. I wanted to make more of a difference than a regular dog. I knew I could help him out,’ she told ABC.

She adopted Naki’o when he was 8-weeks-old and then set about organizing a fundraiser to pay for him to have his two back legs fitted with prosthetics.