SADIQABAD  - Abudl Jabbar Warind, an independent candidate for PP-296 seat, has withdrawn in favour of Shaukat Dawood, the PTI candidate for the same constituency, while the Warind, Manik and Korija clans also assured the PTI nominee of their full cooperation in the elections.

Abdul Jabbar on the occasion said that after consultation with his elders and youngsters, he made the decision to support the PTI candidate unconditionally. He said that if God willing, the PTI will get landslide victories on the elections day. On the occasion, Shaukat Dawood thanked the people present there for their support and assured them of coming up to their expectations if elected in the forthcoming general elections.  He said that his party always raised a voice for the common public and against the feudal lords.  “The PTI proved in the past as well that it is not an individual’s party rather it is of the whole nation.  Moreover, village Rasheedabad inhabitants also assured the PTI candidate of their full support.

Earlier, the Christian community also announced to support the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf candidate for NA-197 seat. On the occasion, Pasteur Youhanna, Ajmal, Sultan Christian addressing the participants said that they respect Mr Fazli from the depth of their hearts and on his advice, they would support the PTI candidate in the constituency in the forthcoming general elections. They added, “Thousands of Christian voters will play a key role for success of the PTI candidate to become a National Assembly member in the general elections on May 11,” they said.  Meanwhile, the candidate addressed different public meetings and said that the PPP and the PML-N-led governments remained failed to resolve the people’s grievances especially during the last five-year tenure. Mr Laghari wooed the public by his party’s promises. The candidate noted that the people of Sadiqabad were completely deprived of a drop of water and the sewerage system was also dilapidated and poor as sewer was witnessed accumulated in the streets and roads because of clogged drains.  “The PPP and the PML-N have failed to resolve the people’s problems therefore the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf would get thumping victory in the forthcoming general elections under the leadership of Imran Khan,” said Rafiq Haider Leghari, the PTI candidate for constituency NA-197.