Artist Prudence Staite has found a tasty outlet for her art - by creating pizzas of famous faces. So how does she do it? Incredibly, there’s no trickery involved.

Prudence, 33, who is based in Gloucestershire, says: ‘I create the face freehand, working from photos. First of all, I’ll usually make a pencil sketch on paper. Then I draw the design onto the pizza base with tomato puree.’

Then the trickiest part: filling the large spaces with chicken and leaving small patches of the tomato sauce underneath to pick out the facial details. She sets some extra rules for herself: she only uses ingredients you’d find at a pizza restaurant - and she tries not to mix flavours that don’t go together.

Although she adds: ‘My Kate Middleton must have more than 100 olives in her hair. And with all those anchovies, too, it would probably be very salty.’