Election campaigns are at their peak and so are the political advertising campaigns. Flipping through the T.V channel everyone must have come across one political advertisement or the other. At times it is difficult to understand whether the politicians are stupid or the citizens? Do they really think people will vote for them based on the advertisements broadcast time and again? For example let’s take PPP’s advertisement, even though I really respect Benazir Bhutto, but it looks like Pakistan People’s Party is still trying to cash in on her death. Even their front page of the manifesto is covered with her poster.

Even PTI’s advertising campaign, where Imran Khan with all honesty and truthfulness promises to build a ‘new Pakistan,’ is followed by a speech in which he insults his opponents. PML-N is no better; they too have stretched the truth to an extent that it’s unrecognizable. Showing such modern trains and communication facilities on their manifesto and advertising campaigns as if the basic problems of Pakistan had already been resolved and the country did not face the scrounge of power shortage, inflation and massive corruption! I want to appeal to these politicians to act professionally and become mature, only then can they hope to make a better Pakistan. How can they improve this country when they cannot improve their own personal behavior? They are going to be responsible for a country not playing games in the schoolyard. They need to educate the masses. It is high time we changed our mentality and in order to make Pakistan a developed and civilized country these politicians need to grow up and be mature themselves. Instead of exploiting people’s believes and emotions they should really try working honestly and hard to develop the country in the future.


Karachi, April 26.