WASHINGTON : Ten days after the Boston Marathon bombing, more than half of the Americans consider another terror attack as likely in the coming weeks, according to aGalluppoll released.

51 per cent of the respondents believe it is “very likely” or “somewhat likely” that there will be acts of terrorism in theUSover the next several weeks, up from 38 per cent in August 2011, the poll shows.

Another 34 per cent consider it “not too likely,” while 12 per cent say it is “not at all likely,” according to the April 24-25 poll. Despite Americans’ elevated worry about impending terror attacks, the percentage of those worried that they themselves or a family member could become a terror victim only climbs slightly to 40 per cent from 36 per cent in August 2011, it discovers.

At the same time, the poll finds that Americans’ confidence inUSgovernment’s ability to protect citizens from terrorism declines to 70 per cent, from 75 per cent in August 2011.

About three in 10 say they have low confidence in the government’s counter-terrorism ability, including 21 per cent who say they don’t have much confidence and 8 per cent who say have none confidence at all.