JARRANWALA  -  PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif said Saturday his party made Pakistan nuclear power and if voted to power in May 11 elections it would turn the country into economic giant.

Addressing a public meeting here‚ he said the country could march on the road of prosperity only if those who cared for people were given a chance to rule again. Nawaz announced to set up a network of employment banks throughout the country after coming into power to advance credit to youth for establishing their own businesses.

The PML-N chief said despite corruption and plundering by others‚ the PML-N government in Punjab set an example of good governance and merit.

He said the PML-N government would upgrade Jarranwala as district and also connect it with Motorway.

Giving reference to Punjab chief minister, he said Shahbaz completed great projects for the masses without any discrimination.

He said it is regrettable to say that factories were closed due to energy crisis, millions of workers were rendered jobless.

“There is an unending chain of protests, demonstrations in the country. The question is that who is responsible for this chaotic situation? History is witness to the fact that India used to beg for electricity from Pakistan. This credit goes to the PML-N government,” Nawaz went on saying.

He said, “We always spoke truth with the nation. When the people of south Punjab were drowning, we supported them without any discrimination. It was Shahbaz Sharif who installed a base camp there in the flood-hit areas and focused his full attention for restoration and rehabilitation of the people.”

He said the nation could make assessment by observing ads on TV screens that which party contributed for the nation and which political group neglected and rejected the masses.

Nawaz added that he had not come to Jarranwala for votes; rather, his mission was to make the people understand about their well wishers and bad-wishers.

He said the dictator who toppled his government was actually enemy of the nation.  “I was put behind bars without any justification and direction of the country was changed in wrong way, leaving the people at the mercy of the fate”. He said some politicians were raising slogans of change. Actually they had no vision and programme. They were trapping the youth just for their personal aims.

“PML-N is being targeted for taking turns; the reality is that we served the nation without any personal interest. We introduced new technology in the country. We installed industry and constructed network of road across Pakistan,” said PML-N chief. He concluded that PML-N had a team of experts who had ability to cope with challenges and resolve issues faced by the nation on priority basis.

“If the PML-N is given an opportunity to come to power, it would lay foundation of agricultural and industrial units, multiply the ratio of exports, create millions of jobs for workers and labourers who are real force of the nation,” said Nawaz. He said educated people would be given micro loans so that unemployed youth would earn their livings in a respectable way. He said Pakistan was facing tremendous problems but by the grace of Allah PML-N would overcome these issues with cooperation of sincere voters and supporters.

He said rural areas would be developed with welfare projects. Farmers would be provided with cheap fertilizers and seeds.

In the last, he appealed to the people to support PML-N candidate from Jarranwala, with the hope that new leaders would serve the people without any discrimination.