BAHAWALPUR/RAHIM YAR KHAN - PTI Chairman Imran Khan has urged the nation to support his party for a better life, change, a stable Pakistan and a corruption-free society as he is committed to serving and saving the country devotedly and honestly.

Addressing a big public meeting on Saturday at the stadium here, he said the big political forces of the country had done nothing despite getting many chances and were just befooling the masses through false and tall claims.

He said: “We will bring revolutionary changes in the system if voted to power. We will reform the system and lead it to the right track. The first thing we will do is to completely root out corruption which is the mother of all social ills and will introduce a justice-based society.”

He questioned what else PPP and PML-N could do as both the big political parties of the country had enjoyed a lot by remaining in power and miserably failed to serve the nation. “Both the parties looted the public funds, befooled the masses and fully protected each other, but these plunderers will not be able to get another chance to crush the masses,” he said.

He contended that experience of running a government was not essential to bring a revolution or to do something remarkable for the national because many leaders of the world had proved their worth during the first chance and led their nations and countries to the peak of progress, success and prosperity without having any past experience.

He said the PTI was fully capable of handling the situation and overcoming the crises being faced by the country as his party had chosen right people for the national service. He added 35 percent tickets had been given to youth.

Imran Khan alleged PPP and PML-N had been playing the game of musical chair for the last 25 years and promoting family politics. They had badly damaged the democratic process and system in the country as no one could lead PML-N if he did not belong to Sharif family and nobody could get any position in PPP without Bhuttoism as both the parties had chosen their children to head the parties    .

He again challenged Mian Brothers to have a TV debate with him on the national issues and their performance and said they were reluctant to face him in the debate as they could not defend their misdeeds and poor performance. Imran said President Zardari could not face him, so he was not interested in inviting him to a TV debate. He said the paper tigers could not face him because he was a hunter and could hunt even real tigers.

The PTI chairman strongly criticised the performance of the PML-N’s Punjab government and said they badly failed to deliver on all fronts and improve the system of different departments. They even could not control corruption and did nothing for the common man. Mian Brothers could never face his bouncers and would be bowled out on the very first delivery, he remarked.

Imran said PTI had tarted a democratic process with the start of politics and conducted elections within the party. He told the audience that he would not be the chairman of the party for the third time and any party worker could become its chairman through elections.

Khan said May 11 would surely bring victory for the nation. If PTI was voted to power, the Presidency, the Prime Minister’s House and the governor houses would be converted into public welfare projects and playgrounds.

He asserted he would never let down the nation and restore its dignity. He vowed to make all-out efforts to provide relief to the poor and would not allow the influential to usurp the rights of children women and youth.

Imran Khan hit hard on Nawaz Sharif and said ‘jackals cannot become leaders’. Criticising policies of Sharif brothers, Imran said since they failed to do anything in their five stints in power, what they would be able to do in the sixth one.  He said Mian Sahab and his younger brother were asking masses for vote on the basis of experience. The experience only proves that all they (Sharifs) had done was to multiply the number of their factories, he added.

While addressing a large public gathering at Jugnoo Chowk Ground in Rahimyar Khan on Saturday evening, announced to observe May 11 as day of accountability for feudals.  The cricketer-turned politician exhorted the masses to take the call of their conscience before using their franchise right for a ‘change’ through a new leadership chosen in fair and free polls.

The PTI, promised its chief, would make the National Accountability Court an independent and autonomous department. He also held out assurances that his party would hold local body elections within 90 days after coming to power. Khan said his party gave tickets to youth to replace the country’s leadership.

On the occasion, former municipal committee chairman and former MNA Mian Abdul Khaliq along with his family members joined PTI after a formal meeting with Imran Khan.  Earlier, the PTI chief, in his addresses at public meetings in Khanbela and Khanpur, said those carrying out bomb attacks should stop their activities so that the election process could continue. “They should wait some days for establishment of a new Pakistan,” he said, and opined that all the parties should be given the chance to contest elections.”

Khan also said he was the hunter of real lions not the ones of circus.

He pointed out that if party leaders, who had used hand-made fans at Minar-e-Pakistan, wanted they could eliminate power outages by generating electricity in the Punjab.  Khan also came down hard on the former Punjab government for not computerising the revenue system.