LAHORE - Known politician Syeda Abida Hussain stressed upon media to be responsible in highlighting issues of national interest.

Addressing a ceremony as the chief guest at Tech Club here on Sunday, Abida indirectly criticised the crisis between a private TV channel and ISI. Talking in background of murder attempt on senior journalist and anchorperson Hamid Mir, she said media should avoid angling facts and report incidents keeping in view the national interests.   “Indian media cannot opine on issues of foreign affairs and national interests without taking on board RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) and Indian foreign office,” she said, adding the freedom of information comes under homeland security act if any news channel or newspaper radically differed the state policy in the United States. Under the present circumstance, she said the country is facing another crisis, and asked the government, civil society and intellectuals to make united efforts in getting rid of it.

Another crisis was approaching in the shape of horrible loadshedding in coming days, she predicted, emphasising the government to chalk-out a plan to decrease the duration of power cuts in summer.

The former federal minister said that the ongoing extremism was plaguing the country and was a major bar on the way to development. To get rid of it, she suggested, education was the best tool. She appreciated the role of Tech Society for establishment of a welfare educational institution in shape of Tech Welfare School for the needy students.

“Pakistani students are among the most intelligent students of the world and if they are provided opportunities, they have the capabilities to transform Pakistan into a great exemplary state of the world in every sphere of life,” opined the other speakers including former state minister Qayyum Nizami, Tech Educational Club BoD chairman Mian Ashraf, Tech Society president Zubair Sheikh and others.