This is in reference to Amraiz Khan’s report about gross irregularities and granting permission to an Indian owned company for operating ‘Ground Handling Agency’ and an airline, with aircrafts registered in Pakistan, is shocking.

For a country ravaged by terrorism, where smuggled weapons manage to infiltrate weak in-built firewalls, such foreign investment, whose owners are of Indian origin, exposes corruption that has dominated working of CAA, the regulatory body funded by tax payer to regulate air safety. This should have woken up many from their deep slumber those in Islamabad, whose job it is to monitor such activities. While government is bent upon giving scarce funding to PIA, it has failed to cleanse nexus of the corrupt and incompetent mediocrity that dominates its executive corridors. The fact that there is absolutely no accountability, as far as PIA is concerned, can be gauged from rehabilitation after three years of unauthorized absence and working in a Turkish airline of a former crony of Asif Zardari, with just a high school qualification, who was appointed as MD and under whose watch, airline losses escalated from Rs42 Billion in 2008 to over Rs120 Billion by the time he left.

He destroyed the airline and its human resources, recruiting over 300 employees with fake degrees, fabricated domiciles and birth certificates. PIA and CAA will suffer as long as there is no accountability. More aircraft, leased or bought, will meet same fate.


Rawalpindi, April 26.