LAHORE- MWM Secretary General Syed Nasir Abbas has said that the government had bowed before the masses of Gilgit-Baltistan and their struggle proved that they could get their Constitutional rights peacefully.

MWM staged sit-in to express solidarity with the people of Gilgit-Baltistan on wheat subsidy issue.

Addressing a Press conference after two-day meeting of party political council here on Sunday, he said that participation of hundreds of thousands of people in 12-day sit-ins proved that issues could be solved peacefully and the Taliban who made the country hostage in the name of dialogue, were enemies of the country.

He said that the parties who supported Taliban also should be brought to the court of justice as they were supporting unconstitutional act.  He said MWM condemned the attacks on journalists but did not support such an act of blaming someone before investigation.

He said that arrest of workers of MWM in parts of the country on the support of pro-Taliban Federal and provincial governments were condemnable. He also demanded of the government for Army action in Karachi as the ongoing action was fruitless.  He also thanked the parties who participated in sit-ins with the MWM and AAC on wheat subsidy issue.