NEW DELHI  - The newborn baby has become an offense for Pakistani couple in India as the Indian authorities stopped them at Munabao Railway Station over document row.

Mai Fatima and her husband Mir Muhammad, residents of Ghotki had gone India two-and-a-half months back to meet Fatima’s aging father.

Their visa was originally for one-and-a-half months but later extended by another month when Fatima’s father suddenly passed away. When Fatima had come to India she was seven months pregnant and on April 14 she gave birth to a baby boy at a private hospital.

Indian local municipal council had issued a birth certificate in the name of Sohail Khan. When the couple along with the newborn left for Pakistan via the Thar Express they were stopped at Munabao Railway Station.

The Indian authorities stopped the couple and asked them to get the relevant documents (passport or visa) from Pakistani High Commission in India.

The immigration officers asked them to either go back to Pakistan leaving the child behind or complete the documentation of their baby before departure from India.

The family will now go to Delhi to present its case to Pakistan consulate.

However, as per Indian media, though the information regarding the infant was added in the passport of Fatima, the Pakistani officials denied an entry to the family and, upset with the whole incident, the family didn’t go to Pakistan and decided to go to consulate.

The child can’t be termed as Indian following the national law. It was penned down in July 1987 that a child will only be Indian only when a mother or father already belongs to the country. Both the parents in this case are from Pakistan.

The matter can be solved in the consulate. The couple will be required to submit original birth certificate, marriage certificate and passports.