PESHAWAR - Member Taliban negotiating committee Prof Mohammad Ibrahim said on Sunday that the government and the Taliban had yet to begin the real dialogue process.

In this regard, he said that government, army and Taliban should have to move the dialogue process forward with sincerity. The peace process was facing few problems from both the sides, he said while addressing a two-day congregation of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) held at Almarkaz-e-Islami, the provincial headquarters of his party.

He said government had not yet released Taliban prisoners, adding Taliban should halt attacks on the security forces. About dialogue process, he said peace could be restored through talks only.

“If talks fail, we will re-attempt, if again fails, we will attempt again and again,” he said. "Dialogue with militants was a demand by all political forces and not by the JI only," he said, expressing hope that peace could be restored through the negotiations.

“No ruler has so far tried to enforce Islam that is part of the Constitution of Pakistan rather created hurdles in this way, which is regrettable,” Prof Ibrahim said. He went on to say that Taliban would accept the Constitution if it would be implemented in its original form.

General (r) Pervez Musharraf had, too, accepted the Constitution of the country. But everybody knew what he did with it. The former dictator, he said not only amended the constitution to fulfill his own agenda, but also acted as per the wishes of foreign powers.

“So, isn't it right to make him accountable to the court of law,” he asked. The retired general, he said, was now making various pretexts to leave the county.

He said Musharraf tarnished the real image of Pakistan, for which, he deserved punishment. He warned federal government would be responsible if Musharraf was allowed to leave Pakistan.

The law is for every common and special person, so it should be implemented indiscriminately," said Prof Ibrahim . "Pakistan is paying a price for being involved in another country's war and Musharraf is responsible for it," he said.