ISLAMABAD - Jamaat-ud-Dawa Chief, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, on Sunday said that nominating ISI chief in attack on journalist Hamid Mir was attack on the whole nation and institutions.

"What happened to Mir is condemnable but putting blame of the attack on a responsible institution of the country is more condemnable," he added.

Addressing a conference here at International Islamic University Islamabad, Saeed said that the United States and neighbouring country India were trying to create chaos in Pakistan to take revenge of their defeat in Afghanistan. He said Russia was ousted from Afghanistan with the help of the United States, Saudi Arabia and other western countries during 80's but the US and NATO were defeated in Afghanistan without the support of any other country.

"The United States says it lost Afghan war due to Pakistan, so they are now taking revenge through bomb blasts and sectarian killings," he said.

"The West and India have been trying to undermine Pakistan's secret agencies and other institutions and whatever happened during the last few days was continuity of the same agenda," Saeed opined.

The JuD chief said that world powers were conspiring against Pakistani institutions and it was the duty of the citizens to understand that conspiracy.

"There are thousands of Raymond Davis still operating in Pakistan but the situation is changing rapidly. The moment America leaves Afghanistan, Pakistan's all miseries will end. It is only a matter of one year and after that we will have a prosperous Pakistan," he said.

Earlier, the other speakers depicted the famine in Tharparkar with the help of videos and photographs.

The IIUI campus where this conference took place was overcrowded by participants, media persons and security staff of JuD. Strict security measures were put in place on the occasion and every visitor had to go through a strict checking for entering the building. Even media persons were not allowed to take cigarettes and lighters along with them in their pockets. The conference was held to recognise the welfare work of Muslim Medical Mission, an NGO and sister organisation of JuD.