April 30 is being declared as the Yaum-e-Shuhada, and is meant to commemorate the unequalled and unparalleled sacrifices rendered by the soldiers – jawans and officers – of not only the Pakistan armed forces, but also of police, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Undoubtedly, offering one’s life in the line of duty is the biggest of all sacrifices. Many stories of unmatched gallantry have filled our history books. These are stories of unwavering dedication to safeguard the motherland. These are my heroes, the sons of the soil.

Whether it be barricading enemy on the borders and fighting off internal enemies terrorising the state or it may be the tiring times of natural calamities, the Pakistan military has assured to strengthen and fortify the motherland by leaving no stone unturned. I salute these brave sons of the soil, who ensure our safety by keeping the frontiers safe. Salute to the alertness of our soldiers who look out day and night for all internal and external enemies, so that we can have a peaceful life. I salute to the resolve of our soldiers, who bear the atrocities of harsh weathers – from the scorching deserts to the icy glaciers. Salute the valour of our soldiers who look in the face of death with no fear. Salute the fervour of soldiers who desire Shahadat. Salute the young ones who fall in love with their uniform. Salute the soldiers who leave their families behind in their determination to provide safety to all the families of our country. Salute the saviours who come to help in tiring times of calamities.

The services delivered by the Armed Forces of Pakistan cannot be venerated in words. Their tireless efforts mark the defence of Pakistan with an ultimate assurance to safeguard the country at all heads. This nation is proud and honoured to have such sons. The sacrifices of our Shuhada are what makes our defence indomitable. Today, the whole nation stands by our soldiers who are guarding our borders. These soldiers will never be forgotten and will live in our hearts forever. Salute all the soldiers of Pakistan forces who are sacrificing their today for our tomorrow.


Azad Kashmir, April 23.