LAHORE - All of the Pre-feasibility Studies prepared by the SMEDA for Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme (PMYBL) are available on SMEDA website free of cost.

Alamgir Chaudhry, Acting Chief Executive Officer said that since the PMYBL scheme is purely a business loans scheme, an applicant has to produce a viable business plan related with their skills and experience for applying the required loan. That is why SMEDA, being the lead government organization, has been assigned a role of volunteer technical adviser to assist the loan applicants in business planning and development services, he said adding that all of the SMEDA services related to PM’s Youth Business Loan are absolutely free of Cost. He further said that SMEDA had adopted the information technology as its basic tool for communication and facilitation of PMYBL applicants by uploading the full range of information and documents of the scheme along with 56 pre-feasibilities of various business sectors both in English and Urdu language, which have proven to be highly helpful for true applicants of the scheme without direct physical contact with SMEDA.