The recent brutality, in which eight Pakistani labourers were murdered callously in Ghazni, Aghanistan by the Afghan Taliban is a highly condemnable incident. These Pakistani laborers were kidnapped on March 14, from a hotel when they were having their meal. The kidnappers (Taliban) demanded the government pay ransom of Rs 50, 000 per laborer. When their demand was not fulfilled, they killed the laborers. Their slaughtered bodies were found from the market of Ghazni. The bloodshed was done for Rs 400,000. This is extreme brutality and barbarism. Now it is the responsibility of Afghan government to arrest the murderers and hand them over to Pakistan.

It is surprising that when a person is killed in the West or in any Arab country, the whole world participates in the condemnation of the incident, but 8 innocent Pakistani laborers were brutally killed and not a single voice was raised against it. Neither the Pakistani government gave any statement of condemnation nor did it demand any from the Afghan government. The criminals should be handed over so that we can hang them.


Kasur, April 11.