Recently I happened to visit the vegetable and grain market at Sangla Hill. It is an ugly and dirty place where flies, cats, dogs and humans all are equally abundant. Market place is extremely congested, unpaved and belongs to pre-partition days. Despite many fold increase in our population no one has ever tried to expand it or erect new market place. In this market many things are notable but which struck me most is very old labourers. Market was full of labourers who were past their working years. Many old people were transporting loads of vegetables on their heads in this age of machines.

One very old and feeble man was pushing a hand cart, loaded with mulberries. In this sweltering weather his faltering body was near to collapse. As Pakistan is not a welfare country old people are forced to work till they die. This cruelty can be seen all over as most children abandon their parents who are forced to survive as they can. Being an Islamic country we should have laws to protect and offer substance to old aged people.


Islamabad, April 11