The state’s foreign policy of Pakistan since 1947 has been like playing with tinkering bomb by an unaware child from its consequences. Our leadership always pursued the policy of comfort and very short term objectives. The country was eagerly pushed into dark well of huge loans and borrowings as by now about 30% of its receipts go in debt servicing. This all has weaken the sovereignty and integrity of the country which have put the security establishment in serious concern so after a long sleep they are now seeing the RAW’s hand in a conspiracy to weaken the country.

The difficult situation of the poor economy is an accumulative effect of the unimaginative policies pursued in foreign relations; perpetuation of the archaic colonial feudal system that encouraged corruption; irrational economic strategies that accentuated regional disparities; and frequent interventions by military adventurers, who not only destroyed state institutions, but also made conscious efforts to scuttle the chances of democracy to take root in the country. When the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, in 1979, Pakistan was dragged into the conflict to achieve US objectives. Consequently, it became a victim of Kalashnikov, drug and jihadi cultures, besides having to bear the burden of millions of Afghan refugees that created a myriad of social and ecological problems.

Now after 69 years when the country is facing terrorism; domestic divide, both politically and ethnically; poor economy and external security threats, the west especially USA has turned its back. The country’s establishment has now jumped into China’s basket to seek fortunes. Fortunately at the moment we have able military leadership out fight terrorism, terror financing and corruption, and we all Pakistanis are very praying for success so it can bring back the country to complete stability from the present crossroads.

ABDUL SAMAD CHANNA,Karachi, April 23.