I came across a child in Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital due to my assignment at chemotherapy department, who was close to giving up on his life. His facial expressions were enough for me to assess that the child was hopeless and had no spark of life. When I started to play with him, I initially had no idea as to how to cheer him up. He was going through so much pain, how could I have done anything to pull him out of his misery? We started with coloring and he started speaking a bit and the next thing you know, he was laughing so hard. I later played snakes and ladders with him and he became so excited and enthusiastic. We shared a great laugh and at the end of those two hours there was a different kind of happiness and pride that I felt within myself with the realization that I had managed to make an 8 year old, who was going through so much pain and misery, smile!

I personally feel that Shaukat Khanum is very efficient and up to the mark. The children undergoing treatments and therapies are very well taken care of and their needs are catered well.

PARSA NADEEM,Lahore, April 27.