The Punjab government, during the last couple of years, has been taking various measures in determined manner for elimination of child labour throughout the province in every industry, particularly in the brick kiln industry. It is good to note that these measures have started bearing fruit in an appreciable manner. 

Alongside discouraging child labour at brick kiln plants through legislative measures, the provincial government has also been encouraging enrolment of the children of kiln workers, who are forced to work with their fathers and elders to supplement incomes of their families, in schools through sustained reforms aiming at providing free educational facilities to such children. 

According to reports in the newspapers, as a result of enforcement of sustained reforms, as many as 87 thousand children of kiln workers have so far been enrolled in different government sponsored schools for free education at the expenses of the provincial government. A child enrolled in a school is given Rs 1000 in cash every month while another Rs 2000 are paid to his parents as encouragement and appreciation at the time of child’s registration in a school. Free education to a child of kiln worker is being supplemented by provision of books, stationery items, uniform and shoes as well. 

All this is quite commendable and if strict enforcement of all these measures to eliminate child labour from brick kiln industry continue then the menace of child labour will be eliminated in due course of time and the children of kiln workers on being enrolled in the schools will be availing and excelling in educational opportunity, show their talent and skills in different fields and become educated responsible citizens tomorrow, entering different professional fields in practical life. 

Meem Zay Rifat,  

Lahore, April 21.