KARACHI - Karachi Tajir Alliance Chairman and Sindh Games Monitoring Committee Vice Chairman Ayaz Motiwala has said that his life is in danger because he highlighted corruption in Sindh Games.

“If anything happens to me, secretary for sports and the Sindh government will be responsible,” he said. In Sindh Games, he said, Sports Secretary Nayaz Ali Abbasi and his allies committed corruption.

The sports department, he said, must tell the public what they did with Rs46 million. The department had a front man to do corruption so that they remain clean, he added.

He requested the chief justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar to take action against corruption. “We will give the courts the proof about corruption,” he said. Motiwala was addressing an emergency session with the Karachi Tajir Alliance. He also requested the National Accountability Bureau to carry out an investigation in this matter. “We spent millions of rupees but our services were ignored,” he said.

He said the minister for sports Muhammad Bakhssh Khan Mehar had to present proof of the corruption in the Sindh Sports Game. “The minister for sports must prove his innocence,” he said.

He said the sports department cannot even afford a water bottle and for the Sindh Sports Games the Karachi Tajir Alliance gave money for 7000 water bottles and 2500 packets of juices.