ISLAMABAD  - The federal government has finalised total developmental outlay of Rs2,043 billion for the upcoming fiscal 2018-19, including Rs1,030 billion for the Federal Public Sector Development Programme and Rs1,013 billion for provincial Annual Development Plans.

While the proposed Rs1,030 billion PSDP has included Rs171 billion of foreign aid and Rs100 billion in the Public Private Partnership mode.

The PSDP was approved by the National Economic Council (NEC) in the absence of three provinces of Sindh, KP and Baluchistan.

Out of total federal development outlay of Rs1,030 billion major portion will go to communication followed by TDPs and Security enhancement. Ministries/Divisions have Rs485 billion which includes Rs458.77 billion local component and Rs39.88 billion FEC.

The corporations - including NHA and WAPDA - have Rs237.7 billion which includes Rs109 billion component and Rs128 billion FEC.

The IDPs, security enhancement, Prime Minister Youth Initiative and GIDS have Rs105 billion. Rupees five billion allocated for Pakistan’s SDGs Community Development programme, Rs5 billion for special provision for completion of the CPEC projects, Rs8.5 billion for ERRA, Rs10 billion for the Special FATA programme and Rs5 billion for the SDGs. To bring FATA in the mainstream, ten years’ FATA development plan with total outlay of Rs100 billion has been approved by the government. During 2018-19, Rs10 billion is proposed for implementation of the plan.

The PSDP also includes a block allocation of Rs100 which can be utilised by the new government.

To bridge the gap between demand and supply of the financial resources, the NHA has been requested to undertake at least Rs100 billion projects during 2018-19 on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode of financing.

The government has allocated Rs4,677.487 million for the Aviation Division, including Rs1,607.975 million FEC, Rs125 million for BOI, Cabinet Division Rs1116.438 million, CADD Rs15236 million, including Rs250 million FEC. While for Climate Change Rs802.699 million, Commerce Division Rs1.5 billion, Communication Division other than NHA has Rs14,480.848 million, defence division Rs640.644 million, and Rs2810 million has been proposed for the Defence Production Division.

The Economic Affairs Division has been allocated Rs70.200 million, Establishment Division Rs175.437 million, Federal Education and Professional Training Rs4336.508 million, Finance Division Rs18151.459 million with FEC Rs2267.100 million, Foreign Affairs Division Rs199.774 million, HEC Rs46679.950 million which includes Rs430 million FEC, Housing and Works Rs5433.126 million, Human Rights Division Rs300 million, Industries and Production Rs1775.205 million, Information and Broadcasting Rs1644.055 million which includes Rs37.656 million FEC, Information Technology and Telecom Division 3046.325 million which includes Rs1125 million FEC.

While the Interprovincial Coordination Division has been allocated Rs3552.584 million and Interior Division Rs24207.854 million, which includes the FEC of Rs170 million. The proposed allocation for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Division is Rs51205.617 million which includes the FEC of Rs3136 million. The allocations for Law and Justice is Rs1025 million and Maritime Affairs Division are Rs10198.683 million which include Rs6335.260 million FEC.

The Narcotics Control Division has Rs251.207 allocation, National Food Security and Research Division Rs1808.073 million, National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination Division has proposed allocation of Rs25034.498 with a FEC of Rs2146.360 million.

While the National History and Literary Heritage Division has allocation of Rs550.537 million, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Rs30424.540 million, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Rs300 million, Petroleum Division Rs943.175 million, Planning Development and Reforms Division Rs27590.127 million, Postal Service Division Rs370 million, Railway Division Rs40,000 million, Revenue Division Rs2558.950 million, Science and Technological Research Division Rs2660 million, State and Frontier Region Rs28,255.529 million, SUPARCO Rs4700 million, Statics division Rs200 million, Textile Industry Division Rs280.437 million, Water Resource Division Rs63 billion including Rs14,434.505  million FEC. The power sector has a proposed allocation of Rs72 billion. For the corporations there is an allocation of Rs237725 million which includes Rs2,01,600 million, including Rs95,817 million FEC Rs36,125 million for NTDC/PEPCO with the FEC of Rs32,294.901 million.