ISLAMABAD : The government on Friday laid the Finance Bill 2018 before the Senate amid rumpus and slogans of “not accepted” from the opposition parties.

The Upper House of the Parliament will give its recommendations to the National Assembly on the finance bill as the House has no powers on the money bill.

As Finance Minister Miftah Ismail laid the annual budget for the fiscal year 2018-19 before the House, lawmakers from opposition benches gathered before the chair and raised the slogans of “not accepted…not accepted”.   However, the chair adjourned the House till Monday soon after the finance minister moved a motion in the House so that the Senate may make recommendations on the annual budget to the National Assembly.

Before laying the budget, former Senate chairman Mina Raza Rabbani strongly protested over the elevation of Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance Miftah Ismail as a federal minister hours before the presentation of the budget in the National Assembly. “Today, an unelected person presented a fascist budget,” he said while protesting over the way the government elevated Ismail as the federal minister as what he said that Miftah was not an elected member of the Parliament.

Rabbani said President Mamnoon should have refused to appoint him as the federal minister because the president was also part of the Parliament. “If an unelected person can present the budget, then why the Senate could not be given financial powers,” he questioned.

Earlier, the opposition parties staged a protest walkout from the House when the government presented the reports containing recommendations of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance on four money bills that were part of the tax amnesty scheme of the government and were early laid before the House in the form of presidential ordinances.

PTI Senator Mohsin Aziz strongly protested introduction of tax amnesty scheme when the reports on the four money bills, the Foreign Assets (Declaration and Repatriation) Bill, 2018, the Voluntary Declaration of Domestic Assets Bill, 2018, the Income Tax (Amend) Bill, 2018 and the Protection of Economic Reforms (Amend) Bill, 2018 were being laid in the House.

The opposition staged the protest walkout when Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani ruled that the House has adopted the reports on four ordinances without going for a vote count for and against the adoption of reports.

The opposition wanted that the chair should hold a count as it wanted to reject the adoption of reports with a majority votes.