ISLAMABAD - The federal government has allocated around Rs1,644 million for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting against an estimated demand of over Rs2,747 million for the fiscal year 2018-19.

Besides the 19 ongoing projects, a total of 13 new projects had been proposed for the next financial year.

In the new budget, Rs1,077 million had been allocated for new projects which include Rs37 million foreign components and Rs1,077 million under the Public Sector Development Programme.

The budget documents revealed that the ministry had proposed Rs2747.270 million for different projects but the government had allocated Rs1,644 million.

The new projects include PTV Parliamentarian Channel, establishment of Sautul Quran FM Network Phase-11, media development/implementation of code of conduct, PTV Terrestrial Digitization DTMB demonstration project through grant in aid, rebroadcast station Kan Mehterazi Balochistan,  rebroadcast station Musa Khel Balochistan, rebroadcast station Muslim Bagh Balochistan, rebroadcast station Shakargarh Punjab, rebroadcast station Shangla KP, rebroadcast station Sherani Balochistan, replacement of equipment of studio and control room of PTV Academy and up-gradation of monitoring system up to 250 TV channels.     

A total of Rs566 million have been allocated for ongoing schemes including channel ranking data, establishment of digitized archive library,  strengthening of PEMRA, security measures and revamping of news operations Islamabad, 100 KWMW transmission Gwadar, channel ranking and data centre, dubbing of Pakistan drama in foreign language, rebroadcast station Athmaqam Azad Jammu and Kashmir, rebroadcast station Bar Khan Balochistan, rebroadcast station Karan Neelam Valley AJK, rebroadcast station Kel AJK, rebroadcast station Kharan Balochistan, rehabilitation of medium waves service from Muzzaffarbad and up-gradation of security of National Art Gallery PNCA Islamabad and Rs112 million had been allocated for rebroadcast station Muslim Bagh Balochistan.

For the ongoing projects, Rs15 million have been allocated that include 100KW medium waves Gwadar, Rs14 million for rebroadcast station Kharan Balochistan, Rs10million each for rebroadcast station Kel Neelam Valley, Jura Neelam, Karan Neelum, Athmaqam Neelum and Dhudhnial Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

A total of Rs14.373 million had been allocated for the dubbing of Pakistan dramas in foreign languages.

The federal government has embarked Rs331 million for PTV Parliamentarian Channel, Rs113 million for rebroadcast station Shangla, Rs52 million for up-gradation of radio station Multan, Rs107 million for rebroadcast station Musa Khel Balochistan,  Rs11 million for rebroadcast station Khel Mehterzai Balochistan and Rs40 million have been allocated  for the establishment of Satul Quran FM Network Phase-11.