ISLAMABAD: The government has allocated an amount of Rs30,424 million for 34 new and one ongoing projects of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission for the fiscal year 2018-19 in the Public Sector Development Programme issued here on Friday.

The budgetary allocation included Rs3,110 million for eight new schemes and Rs27,314.54 million for 26 ongoing schemes.

The major new schemes included the Pakistan Research Reactor-3 (10MWth upgradeable to 20 MWth) with the allocation of Rs700 million followed by Pre-project Studies and Development for Nuclear Power Projects with the funding of Rs650 million.

The other two projects are up-gradation of KIRAN, Karachi and ISL Mining Project Kaleri with the reserved amount of Rs500 million each.

Rs300 million each has been earmarked for two projects of Acquisition of Land for NPP Project Site Rangpur and Up-gradation of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Facilities at BINO, Bhawalpur.

The major ongoing schemes included Karachi Coastal Power Project (Unit 1&2) allocating an amount of Rs20,000 million while Rs1,485.24 million has been earmarked for Up-gradation of the Atomic Energy Cancer Hospital-NORI(AECH-NORI).

While Rs755.327 million and Rs718.880 million respectively are allocated for two projects of Gilgit Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiology (GINOR) and Gujarwala Institute of Nuclear Medicine &Radiology (GINUM), Phase-II.

The budget document further elaborated that Rs600 million has been reserved for Fuel Fabrication Plant (FFP) (Mianwali) whereas Rs412.68 million are reserved for Detailed Exploration of Uranium Resources in Bannu, Basin and Kohat Plateau (Phase-III).

All the projects are funded by the indigenous resources of the government and not a single penny is taken as foreign grant, revealed the budgetary document.