islamabad - The federal government on Friday giving a larger share of Higher Education Commission (HEC) budget proposed allocation of above Rs46billion for the ongoing and upcoming schemes in the sector.

As per the budgetary documents, Rs46679.95.million has been allocated for the HEC including Rs6462.277million for the new schemes. 43 new schemes have been mentioned in the public sector program for the upcoming fiscal year of 2018-19.

The government has above Rs10billion for the higher education sector for completion of its schemes, which was Rs35billion last year.

The government for the ongoing 130 schemes which include establishment of new higher education institutions and the up gradation of the infrastructure has also proposed sanctioning of above Rs40217.673million for the next monetary year.

The new project includes only one approved. In the new projects, Rs430million will be received as foreign component while Rs46249.950million will be allocated from local assistance in monetary year 2018-19.

In the development project, around Rs250million have been allocated for the Quaid-i-Azam University. The projects include establishment of Pak-China National Research Center on Earth Sciences for which Rs250million have been allocated.

Rs 200million have been proposed for Provision of Academic and Research Facilities and Girls Hostel, while Rs250million for up-gradation of existing Campus Management System (CMS) and Human Resource management System has been excluded from new schemes.

For establishment of sub-campuses of public sector universities in all districts, only Rs100million have been allocated. In 2018-19 proposed budget while six new universities establishment schemes have been proposed including university at D.I Khan Rs125million, University of Sahiwal 100million, Baba Guru Nanak University Rs100million, University of Murree Rs300million, University of Gandhara Taxila Rs50million, National University of Sports Islamabad Rs200million, University of Khushab Rs145million, University of Chitral Rs100million.

Rs100have also been proposed for establishment of National Institute of Applied Technologies and Specialized Research Center to support China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

In next development schemes, Rs125million have been allocated for strengthening and development of Physical and Technological Infrastructure at the University of Haripur.

Rs300million allocation has been proposed for establishment of Center for the Interfaith Harmony and Cooperation  of Civilization at Kharipur, Rs 250million for establishment of BUITEMS sub-campus at Qilla Saifullah, Muslim Bagh, Rs200million for Institute of Islamic Though and Understanding, Rs200million for Livestock Sector Development through capacity Building Applied Research and Technology Transfer, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Rs 250million for national Center for Computational Science and Engineering  and Technology Park UET Lahore sub-campus.

For construction of Hostels/Sports facilities at Karakorum International University Rs306million have been allocated, Rs200million for development of Rawalpindi Medical University, Rs180million for Development of Academic and Research Infrastructure of University of Gawadar, Rs200million for Global Youth leadership Internship Program, Rs 200million for national Center for GIS and Space Sciences, RS 250million for Bridging the Job Market Skill Gap for General Post Graduate Degree Holders HEC and RS 515million for Center for mathematics at PIAS Islamabad.

Rs400million allocation has been proposed for development of National University of Medical Sciences Rawalpindi, Rs600million. Rs200million have been set for National Center for Nanotechnology and above R225million for establishment of Pak-Russia and Pak-UK Knowledge gateway.