ISLAMABAD - A total of Rs1,100 billion has been set for the Defence Services in the federal budget for 2018-2019 which is 11 percent up from Rs998 billion revised budget estimates for the outgoing year.

The increase in the defence budget for 2018-2019 is the highest since the ruling PML-N took over in 2013.

As per breakup details of total outlay in the budgetary document, Rs422.91 billion have been set for employees related expenses, while Rs253.46 billion have been earmarked for operating expenses.

Likewise, Rs282.32 billion have been earmarked for physical assets while Rs141.29 billion have been allocated for the civil works.

There has been incremental increase in Pakistan’s defence budget because of wide-ranging challenges to its national security.

Some of the key challenges to Pakistan’s national security are relating to its war against terror as well as multi-billion dollars mega project China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). These challenges have increased financial requirements of Pakistan Armed Forces.

Apart from meeting the needs from the indigenous defence industry, there are several major programmes in progress and for that the armed forces need to have essential procurements. So a core issue for the country’s defence strategists remains to manage expenditures, particularly towards expensive imports.

Pakistan Army continues with another major operation Raddul Fassad which is being carried out through intelligence yet Pakistan Army needs essential equipment including attack helicopters.

Similarly, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) continues with its flagship project of modernising its JF-17 Thunder, which is gradually becoming the new mainstay fighter of the PAF fighter fleet.

Likewise, Pakistan Navy is also enhancing its capability in order to meet new challenges to secure Pakistan’s maritime interest.

In addition, Pakistan also continues with its missile programme to make it more effective to meet the national security challenges.

The proposed Rs1,100 billion budget for defence services does not include expenses necessary to maintain the nuclear weapons programme or operations in Balochistan and FATA.

Moreover, the federal government has allocated Rs640.644 million for five ongoing and two new development schemes of Defence Division under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for next financial year 2018-19.

According to the budgetary document, a total of Rs562.447 has been earmarked for the ongoing schemes. Out of this, Rs253.954 million have been reserved for procurement of 3 No.

Latest Printing Machines for Modernisation of Survey of Pakistan, Rs89.781 million have been allocated for Establishment of FG Degree College for Boys Kohat Cantt, Rs85 million for construction of Office Complex including Boundary Wall of Survey of Pakistan Lahore.

Rs75.515 million and Rs58.197 million have been earmarked for procurement/construction of Maritime Patrol Vessels (MPVs for PMSA) and Water Distribution Network for RCB/CCB based on Khanpur Dam Water Source (Phase-III) respectively.

An amount of Rs20 million has been set aside for a new unapproved scheme–Development of I.T Infrastructure for Implementation of E-Office Application Suit, while Rs58.197 million have allocated for another new scheme – Establishment of New Generation Geodatic Datum of Pakistan.



Rs1,100b set for military spending