ISLAMABAD - The government has proposed an allocation of Rs27590.127 million in the PSDP 2018-19 for the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms which includes a block allocation of Rs 16760 million. Interestingly, with the name of other requirements a huge block allocation of Rs16760 million was also proposed in the PSDP.

The three projects under the heading of other requirements includes research/holding of workshops and technical/feasibility studies Rs500 million, Un-funded Public Welfare/underfunded important projects Rs11260.762 million and Rs5000 million for the feasibility studies of projects financing under PPP mode.

For 23 ongoing schemes of Planning Development and Reforms Rs4744.895 million were allocated. Centre for Rural Economy Rs500 million, Centre of Excellence for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Rs400 million, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Support Project (Revised) Rs200 million, Cluster Development Based Agriculture Transformation Plan - V 2025 Rs70.582 million

Development Communication Project Rs 200 million, establishment of Environment Section in Planning and Development Division, Islamabad Rs50 million, establishment of Environment Section in Planning and Development Division, Islamabad Rs 6.042 million, establishment of Special Project Cell Islamabad Rs6 million.

Inspector General Development Projects Phase-II) (Quetta) Rs 6 million, institutional strengthening and efficiency enhancement of Planning Commission/Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform (Phase-III) Rs100 million, National Endowment Scholarships for Talent (NEST) Rs 2000 million, National Initiative for SDGs/Nutrition Rs100 million, PPMI Centre of Excellence Rs100 million, Reform and Innovation in Government for High Performance Rs150 million, Support and Monitoring of High Impact New Initiatives of Vision 2025 Rs 200 million, Up-gradation of Jawaid Azfar Computer Centre Rs100.770 million, Young Development Fellows Programme Rs 40 million, construction of Plan House in Administrative Sector, F-5/2, Islamabad (PC-II) Rs140 million, establishment of Pakistan Urban Planning and Policy Centre Rs30 million, feasibility study on Cluster Development Based Mineral Transformation Plan -Vision 2025 (PC-II) Rs61.279 million, technical studies for Planning Commission Rs25 million, monitoring of PSDP financed projects (2nd Revised) Rs100 million.

For the Planning Ministry, 12 new projects of Rs6084.470 million were allocated. Restructuring institutional strengthening and capacity building of Energy Wing, Planning, Development and Reform Division Rs 35 million, CPEC Institute, Gwadar Rs 100 million, Integrated Transport Infrastructure Planning and Management Unit Rs60 million, Pak-China Year of Friendly Exchanges Programme (CPEC) Rs100 million, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad construction of new campus Rs 300 million, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad - Land Acquisition & Site Development Rs3519.470 million, Pakistan Productivity, Quality Innovative Initiative Rs 120 million, Startup Pakistan Venture Rs 100 million, capacity building of officers of Economist Group Rs 150 million, Nutrition awareness and institutional strengthening programme Rs 150 million.