TV anchor Aftab Iqbal’s sweeping comments that marriage for women is a cure of hysteria is wrong and misogynistic. Although, generally marriage is necessary for stable family life and for the continuance of human races flourishing but in Pakistan context, in majority cases marriages dog lives of women and girls. In rural parts child marriages forced marriages and giving girls in exchanging bride or giving girls and women to settle family or tribal disputes makes the lives of the victim girls and women hellish. In such cases, domestic violence, honor killings and treating women and girls like personal property lowers the status of women and afflicts women and girls into worst kind of psychological disorders and hysteria. In urban parts bride burning for the greed of more dowry is common practice. Thus, one wonders that seemingly learned TV host is utterly ignorant on women issues.

Years back commenting on sexual harassment of women and girls in the presence of Dr. Fozia Saeed, the author of number of books on sexual harassment.

The anchor maintained that by smiling or laughing during conversation girls invite sexual harassment, thus they (women and girls) must control their smile or laughter during social gathering or professional work in the presence of male. This is the height of ignorance. The anchor needs a refresher in social science or gender studies


Dadu, April 16.