Italy and Mussolini


April 28, 1945, was a historic day for Italy. When Mussolini and his mistress saw the gallows, Italy hampered upon a new beginning. Mussolini was like no other dictator; he was the classic definition of fascism. Mussolini`s rise to the throne went through an evolutionary process. He adapted to multiple roles before coming to mainstream Italian politics such as a journalist and a socialist journalist, which is ironic, to begin with.

It would be fair to say that Mussolini made his way to the throne through then King Emmanuel who was not able to draw the lines between the socialists and the fascists.

Mussolini`s beginning acts were to declare anti-fascist punishable without trial. It did not take long for Mussolini to side with Adolf Hitler and adapt anti-Semitism of his own.

Though Mussolini was able to keep Italy under a fascist regime, his entrance to war perhaps lost his way through. Italy was losing the war so was Mussolini. To Mussolini’s utmost fear, Italy had lost and Mussolini was on the run from the Allies, it was when partisans searching troops, caught him. Soldiers shot the ever fascist, Mussolini to death and he did not even deserve a proper grave.