ISLAMABAD-Roots Millennium Education celebrated its annual Edexcel High Achievers and International Award Ceremony 2019 at Pak-China Friendship Centre, a statement said.

Jubilant faces of young learners, successes, medals, trophies and certificates defined the aura of the ceremony, where more than 1,000 proud learners were awarded Edexcel Achievement Awards, Edexcel Progressive Awards, IBIC, IKLC, IKMC and IKSC certificates, along with many other international awards such as medals and certificates for The World Scholars Cup, YCT certificates and trophies, Swimming Championship certificates and trophies, Spellathon certificates, Science Olympiad Certificates and participation certificates from universities, all across the globe.

Shehryar Khan Afridi, Federal Minister for States and Frontier Regions was chief guest at the occasion.

He expressed deep concern over the 20 million out-of-school children and emphasised that students from all strata of society should get equal opportunities in education. In the end, he appreciated Roots Millennium Education commitment to overall development of students who, alongside academics, are seen in the forefront in all the national and international mega events.

While addressing the session, Chief Executive of Roots Millennium Education Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq talked about the that have been introduced and successfully implemented in the Roots Millennium Education.

His discourse revolved around stimulating the youth of Pakistan and bringing out the best in them, to equip them with the skills of decision-making, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. He said that we need to create classrooms as safe spaces for students with differentiated aptitudes, abilities, and interests, so they may be able to realize their potential to the fullest. We should also equip our youth with the necessary knowledge and skills so they may meet the challenges of a fast-changing world and become lifelong practitioners.

The event brought together bright learners, their hardworking role models- the teachers, administration and content parents to celebrate their outstanding achievements and to motivate them to continue the hard work and to strive for future successes. The victors in different domains of academics represent extraordinary skills, endless hours of hard work and dedication through study and practice, and an unflagging spirit of learning. This ceremony was a commemoration and a wonderful celebration of the efforts of all the young Millennials.

The Millennium Education believes in going the extra mile by cherishing its tradition of breaking records and making history of holistic academic excellence. The institution has all the reasons to celebrate the High Achievers Ceremony, to acknowledge the endeavors of its learners.