I am surprised to know that the Pakistan government is going to make a deal with the IMF for monetary help to resuscitate countries crippling economy for 2019. I want to draw the attention of the Pakistani people that are they aware of the terms and condition on which government is going to sign for availing the loan package. Though we are claiming that we are the democratic but the real spirit of democracy is to let know about the policies and actions of the government before making any policy. I regret to say that the essence and the actual mechanism of democracy are missing in the country. Every day we get news bulletin that Pakistan’s economy is a victim of volatility so the price hike and inflation is the fate of people.

Since we take the loan from developed countries for strengthening our socio-political structure to survey. Every single fellow citizen is currently indebted to 1,32,465 rupees through the people of Pakistani have not touched the progress and availed the merit of loan. What the hell government is doing. Why we bear the debt that, we have not used it properly. It is enough now. We have to take tangible decisions to meet the desired results.

It is my suggestion that we must move towards sustainable economy through meticulous and sagacious policies such as enhance our production capability, advancement in technology and innovative approaches in agricultural and industrial sectors which can alter the destiny of the country.


Larkana, April 16.