ISLAMABAD-Two more novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients admitted in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) lost their lives while a doctor at urology ward was also tested positive with the virus on Monday.

Officials said that both two patients though died at PIMS however, they were residents of Rawalpindi so the count will be added into the Punjab province instead of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

According to the focal person on COVID-19 at PIMS Dr. Naseem Akhtar both male patients aged 65 and 89 years lost their battle to life against COVID-19. She said that both patients were under treatment at PIMS isolation ward and the patient aged 65 years was also suffering with the Tuberculosis (TB). The patient remained admitted in the hospital for more than a week.

She said that the other patient was admitted previous day however he also didnot survive. Dr. Naseem said that both patients were kept on ventilators.

After the current two deaths, the tally of patients died at PIMS reached nine including three from the ICT while six from other regions of the country.

Meanwhile, a doctor of the PIMS appointed in urology ward was also tested positive with the virus. According to the test report available with The Nation, a male doctor aged 35 years was tested positive with the virus.

The number of doctors tested positive with the virus in the federal capital has reached seven after the recent addition.  Earlier, three doctors at PIMS and three at Federal Government Services (FGS) Polyclinic hospital were tested positive.

Young Doctors Association (YDA) in a statement urged government for provision of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in the hospital to every health professional.

It said that the urology and several other departments are facing shortage of PPEs and doctors are becoming victim of the virus.

As per the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) dashboard data, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the ICT has reached 245 with 10 more patients in last 24 hours.

So far three residents of the ICT lost their lives in a battle against COVID-19 while 29 have been recovered so far. Officials said that cases have increased after the local transmission surged in the ICT as well.

According to the ICT situation report, 03 cases were confirmed in Alipur, B-17 01, Bara Kahu28, Bari Imam 02,  E-11 02,  F-10 05,  F-5 02, F-6 08, F-7 02, F-8 03, G-10 13,  G-11-05, G-12 02, G-13 -3, G-14 01,  G-5 04, G-6 10, G-7 10, G-8 11, G-9 05, H-13 1, H-8 1, I-10 21, I-11 03,  I-12 1, I-8 09, I-9 02, Khanapul 01, Kirpa 04, Koral 01, Lohibher 14, Model town Humak 01, Pindbhegwal 01, Rawal town 01, Rawat 03, Shah Allah Ditta 07, Shehzad Town 07, Sihala 01, Sohan 05 and Tarlai 28.

Eight more cases were confirmed in the building of a private news channel at F-7 Islamabad after which the district administration sealed the building.

The District Commissioner (DC) in his message confirmed the virus in eight staff member of the private channel bureau and the building was sealed.

He said that the COVID-19 tests were performed two days earlier and eight of them were tested positive. Officials said that the tests were performed in the TV bureau and now the office has been sealed after confirmation in eight staff members.