Faisalabad          -           The government has finalised a strategy to gradually re-open all businesses linked with the construction sector in order to overcome the threat of Corona in addition to arresting the growing unemployment in this division, said Faisalabad Divisional Commissioner Mr. Ishrat Hussain.

He was talking to a delegation of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) that met him under the supervision of FCCI President Rana Sikandar Azam Khan. He said that apart from other countries, Pakistan has to face multiple problems of poverty, unemployment, economic revival and threat to the lives of our people due to corona virus.

He said that Government is very cautiously making decisions to tackle all these issues He made it clear that government alone cannot resolve all these issues and hence government has to take all stakeholders into confidence. He told that Government is now implementing smart lockdown as prevailing lockdowns have failed to yield the required results. The new system will not only help in controlling further spread of corona virus but also pave way to tackle the issue of unemployment. He appreciated the cooperation of FCCI and said that we will work together to control the corona in addition to reviving the national economy.

Representing the industrial and trading community, Rana Sikandar Azam Khan said that Government has declared construction sector as a full-fledge industry and allowed it to start work from April 14, 2020. 

He said that although this decision for is only for one sector, but it will generate activities in around 74 other related businesses in addition to providing much needed jobs to millions of workers. However, he expressed concern over the closure of supportive sectors and urged upon the government to allow paint, hardware, timber, steel, tiles, sanitary fittings, and electric stores etc. in order to supplement the activities of the construction sector.

Rana Sikandar said that the government should also consider reopening of power looms, sizing, paper, printing, packages, furniture and other small businesses that are ready to give undertaking to follow the well defined SOPs of the Government. Chaudhary Muhammad Nawaz, Rana Ikram Ullah, Farooq Yousuf, Sheikh Qaiser Shams Guccha, Aslam Bhalli, Shakil Ansari, Rana Saeed Iqbal, Ayub Aslama Manj, Malik Yaqoob Awan, Haji M. Amin, Hafiz Arshad, Dr. Sajjad Arshad, Saim Ehsan and Muhammad Ashraf Mughal were also present during this meeting.