Islamabad-With restaurants and coffee shops closed for more than a month as the coronavirus lockdown continues, people have been getting very creative in the kitchen - making everything from whipped coffee to banana bread.

Last month, the ‘Dalgona’ whipped coffee went hugely viral, with millions of self-made baristas whipping up instant coffee, sugar, and water to make a delicious and Instagram friendly latte-style drink. The drink, which can be made hot or cold, is made by whipping coffee, sugar and water, before spooning dollops of the froth onto hot or cold milk - making a form of upside-down cappucino.

And now the trend has got an upgrade, with people creating a pink version of the drink, making it even more photogenic by using rose syrup or strawberry puree in place of coffee. Dalgona coffee originated in South Korea - though it’s arguably very similar to the traditional Greek Frappé. It’s now a viral trend after videos of people making the creamy drink were widely shared and watched on TikTok and Instagram. To really froth up the coffee or pink mixture, it’s easier (and less time-consuming) to use an electric whisk.