GHALANAI           -            Though the district administration

has set up several price control

committees in different tehsils

of the district to check the prices of essentials items in Ramazan,

there appears no effective

mechanism to keep a check on the prices of daily commodities

thus giving shopkeepers free hand to fleece the consumers. During a survey, this reporter

found that Dal (pulse) Chana

was being sold at Rs 220 per kg compared to last week’s Rs200 per kg, Dal Mash Rs250 per kg against 220 per kg, Dal Moong Rs300 per kg against Rs280 per kg, sugar Rs85 per kg against Rs75 per kg, Ghee Rs170 against 160 per kg, best quality rice Rs170-150 per kg against Rs120-100 per kg, gram flour (basin) Rs150 per kg against Rs130 per kg, meat Rs380-360 per kg against Rs350-320 per kg and wheat flour (atta) Rs.980-940 per bag weighing 20kg.Badam Khan, a vegetable vendor

in the Chanda Bazaar, told this correspondent that tomato

is being sold at Rs 40 per kg compared to last week’s Rs.20 per kg, potato Rs 60 per kg against 30 per kg, Pumpkin Rs 50 per kg against Rs 30, lady finger

Rs 100 per kg against Rs 70 and onion Rs 70 per kg against Rs 40 per kg.“It is a routine before the start of Ramazan, prices of essential food items go up and the local administration fails to control them,” said Sajid Ali, a local resident

in Main Mandi.He added the prices would go up further in coming days. He said the shopkeepers increased

prices by Rs30 on most of the items but as the local administration

moved against them, they decreased prices by just Rs5.A fruit vendor Hamid Ullah in Ekkaghound bazaar said that Guava was being sold at 200 per kg compared to that of last week’s Rs 140 per kg, Iranian Apple at Rs 180 per kg against Rs 120, banana at Rs 150 dozen against Rs 70 and water melon at Rs 60 per kg against Rs 30.Sher Agha, a shopkeeper in Chanda Bazaar, said the lockdown

and inflation have made it impossible for a common man to run his kitchen. He said because of the ever increasing prices daily

wagers and the poor suffered the most.The shopkeepers maintained that prices had been increased in the wholesale market and they were only passing them onto the consumers. They said sugar was available at Rs 70 per kg in the wholesale market and they were selling it at Rs80 per kg.Salim Khan, a shopkeeper at Ata Bazaar, said they had to pay ‘taxes on different police check posts while carrying food items and vegetables from Peshawar, forcing them to sell the commodities

on high rates.An official of the local administration

told The Nation the administration

will take action against profiteers and hoarders. “Those shopkeepers will be sent to lockup along with and they will impose fine on them, who are selling

the vegetables, fruits and other

commodities on high prices in different bazaars of the area”.He said that on the special directives

of Deputy Commissioner

of Mohmand price committees

will be set up in each tehsil which will monitor the prices