RAWALPINDI - District Administration on Monday fixed Rs805 retail price of 20kg flour bag and warned the shopkeepers of strict action over violation of the price.

According to a district administration spokesman, the district administration was making all-out efforts to ensure uninterrupted food supply like flour, pulses, rice, fish, meat, sugar, chicken, milk, vegetables, fruits and other necessary items to the residents during Ramazan.

The DC had issued a notification directing Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Secretary to ensure interrupted food supply chain here in Sabzi Mandis all around Rawalpindi district in this regard.

The local administration has enough wheat stock to fulfil the needs of residents of Rawalpindi district, he added.

He said, the citizens have been advised to use helpline 0800-0234 for registration of complaints about profiteering and hoarding.

He said, all the brands of the cooking oil would be sold at retail prices. The price of milk has been fixed at Rs85 per litre and curd at Rs90. Similarly, the prices of roti would be Rs7 and Naan Rs10.

The prices of mutton and beef would be Rs900 and Rs450 respectively, he added.