ISLAMABAD                 -             Amid the rapid outbreak of the Covid19, majority of mosques in Islamabad are witnessing a huge influx

of worshippers with no precautionary measures

and the government

is yet to take action in this regard.The Islamabad administration

is yet to take any action against those clerics who have failed to follow the SOPs fixed by the government and religious

clerics.Following the grave violations of SOPs, Prime Minister Imran Khan has stressed the masses to offer prayers at homes.On the other hand, Religious

Affairs Minister Pir Noor-ul-Haq Qadri has also expressed annoyance

over the non-serious

attitude of clerics

for not following the precautionary measures

during worship at mosques.He had warned that religious

elements would be held responsible in case of failure in this regard.

Earlier on Friday, a major

development took place after the law enforcement

agencies curbed the outsiders from offering the prayer at Lal Masjid as they were repeatedly violating