KARACHI - Nurses and paramedics from different hospitals of the city in a press conference here Monday made a passionate appeal to the citizens to keep themselves and all their family members, particularly seniors as well as children, indoor in order to minimize chances of coronavirus spread in the local environment.

Registering their concern about steady increase in the number of COVID-19 positive cases in Karachi, they reminded that there was no treatment for the condition and prevention was the only safe option for the people in general hence indifference on part of many of the people towards voluntary distancing was feared to trigger a severe scenario.

“Nations and countries that have been able to control this global pandemic is only through strict compliance to necessary precautionary measures,” said Ms. Khairunisa, Controller, Sindh Nursing Schools Examination Board.

Uroosa Lakhani mentioning that there was already significant shortage of nurses in the country said nurses, paramedics and midwives were also in the forefront against the ongoing fight and fully conscious of the ground realities.

“If God forbid the number of positive cases continue to spiral, we will not be in a position to handle the situation,” she warned mentioning the difficulties they have to face in providing care to the affected patients.

“It is our professional obligation to tend them but I must tell you that the experience for us is traumatic,” said Lakhani urging those yet to realize intensity of the situation to wear just for a while the protective gear and deliver.